We created The Sock & Jock to be different from other companies.

About the sock and jock Co.

The sock and jock co. offers our customers cost effective surprise matching socks and underwear subscriptions, and deliver them direct to your door. Our unique men’s matching socks and underwear subscriptions add a touch of wit and charisma to your every look; whether it is daily suiting, special occasions or smart casual.

The Sock And Jock Co partnered factories are committed to making our products in factories with good working conditions. We do not own factories however we are very selective about who we work with. In fact, 98% of the factories making products for The Sock And Jock Co. also manufacture for global leading brands.

The Sock & Jock Co. partnered factory has undergone a vetting process which evaluates pay, employment policies, employee health and safety and many other evaluations to ensure that we are working with business who have internationally-recognised standards.

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