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Top Questions

When will I receive my box?

When you first subscribe to either a Sock and Jock Box or Sock Box we will dispatch your first box the following working day.

For month to month subscriptions your box will be dispatched on the same date the following month.

How do I amend my Style/Size?

To amend your style or size, simply log into your account where you can adjust accordingly, or send us a message or email. You need to have created an account in order to make changes.

Can I exchange or return an item?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the product we cannot accept returns however I am sure a friend or relative would love a gift.

Order Questions

When do my products arrive?

Your initial purchase will arrive with you 3-5 working days after your initial order date. This is the date you first purchased your products. All subscriptions moving forward will be shipped out on the same date the following month after payment has cleared, you will receive your items within 3-5 workings days after this date.

What if I do not like the design you have sent?

You can simply give it to a friend or family member – someone else might love it! Next month you’ll receive a completely new design. We are in the process of adding new categories to choose from where you can select your designs.

Product Questions

Product materials

We use a range of materials from cotton and modal mixes along with polyester and elastane. Click here to view more.

When are new designs launched?

We launch a new surprise design every month.

Plan Questions

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes of course you can. Simply log into your account, click subscriptions and click cancel.

How do I become an affiliate?

If your interested in making money and working with The Sock and Jock Box and are interested in becoming an affiliate for The Sock and Jock Box simply click the Affiliate link in our footer or click here. Set up your account and start receiving £10 a sale for every customer who subscribes past 31 days.

Subscription renewals

All our subscriptions automatically renew. To cancel anytime simply log in to your account and click cancel subscription.

Payment Questions

When will I be charged for my products?

The day you subscribe your first payment will be taken. Your renewal will on on this day. If payment cannot be taken we will attempt to take payment again on the 2nd and 3rd. We have to take payment before the products are packed and shipped from us each month. If there is an issue with payment we will contact you via email.